What’s included in an Order

  • Between 5-20 pieces of Text ranging between 25-200 words in length
  • Between 5-20 images ranging in mixture of square and rectangle formats
  • 1 Cheat sheet, with suggestion on where and when to post your content, We also provide a range of researched hashtags to use, based on what’s trending around the subject of your content right now!


How do we make your content?

The text from each post is created by an experienced and UK based content creator. And your images will be perfectly balanced mix of assets from your website and unique and on-brand images created by us!  

We use our own tried and tests HIT frameworks for repurposing your content quickly, but always with a keen eye for quality and detail. Its works like this:

Highlight: We scan your blog content for all the best bits, marking each headline, quote and nugget of wisdom as we go.

Index: We create a catalogue of all your best bits, and prioritise them based on what we think you’re audience will love and engage with.

Template: We then fit your content into a wide range of tailored templates, for each of the social channels your content will be posted on.


How will you receive your content?

Most orders aredelivered by email within 3-5 days.

We will send you an email with a link to your very own ‘Content Hub’, where will store all your content. You can download or copy and paste your content from.

Every time you place an order, we will update your Content Hub, so that you can access all your content from one place, any time you like.


Who's going to make your content?

You’ll receive an email within 48 hours of placing your order, telling you which of our awesome Post Producers have been assigned to your content.

We have brought together the best of our content creation network, to form a small team of Post Producers. Most are local to us in Brighton and Hove and have been fully trained on our content repurposing framework, which is what enables us to create large amounts of content at great speed.

 What we NEVER do, is outsource our content production to strangers, cheap and cheerful or non-native creatives.


What if you don’t like it? 

We’re pretty sure you will! However, if you spot any mistake or need any revisions just get in touch and we’ll sort it out for you toot-sweet.

If you REALLY don’t like it or you don’t feel like you’ve got your moneys worth, we’ll give you a no quibble refund. All we ask I that you give us some honest feedback, on how to do better in the future.